Cannot install Process Template

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May 31, 2007 at 5:06 PM
Hi there,

I downloaded the beta from the site. Extracted the zip folder and tried to uplaod the process template but it failed with the following errors;

---begin Exception entry---
Time: 2007-05-31 17:49:55Z
Module: Engine
Event Description: TF30162: Task "SharePointPortal" from Group "Portal" failed
Exception Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.PcwException
Exception Message: TF30221: File 'C:\Install\Scrum - v0.3\v0.3\Scrum - v0.3\Windows SharePoint Services\Process Guidance\Supporting Files\Code\jscripting.js' does not exist
Stack Trace:
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.WssSiteCreator.ValidateFiles(ProjectCreationContext context, XmlNode files)
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.WssSiteCreator.Validate(ProjectCreationContext context, XmlNode taskXml)
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.ProjectCreationEngine.TaskValidator.PerformTask(IProjectComponentCreator componentCreator, ProjectCreationContext context, XmlNode taskXml)
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.ProjectCreationEngine.RunTask(Object taskObj)
--- end Exception entry ---

When i navigate to the Code folder; it is in fact empty. nothing, not a single file in it.
Am i missing something somewhere?

Jun 7, 2007 at 12:07 AM
I am not sure what this issue is. I would download the template again. I am also going to send this to our Sharepoint guru.